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Enhance Your Calm and Focus with this Archery Essential Oil Blend

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Every winter, I coach our school’s archery middle and high school archery teams with my friend and assistant coach at my side. It is time-consuming, but I thoroughly enjoy helping the kids learn to shoot and finding success!

Each year, I have given the 12th graders of the team a senior gift. It usually takes a little while to figure something out, but there are so many ideas on Amazon and Pinterest, I can usually find something meaningful.

This year was actually a little easier than other years. My friend and I wore our Vitality Extracts lava bead diffuser bracelets to nearly every archery tournament and scrimmage, and occasionally some of the archers would wear and share our bracelets.

Because of this, I always put KidSafe oils on my diffuser bracelet when going to archery events. My friend made her own calming blend that she put on her bracelet, and I usually put Plant Therapy’sRelax synergy and patchouli on my bracelet.

With all of this going on, I decided we would give our senior her own lava bead bracelet and a bottle of a special Archery Blend of oils that we made!

Vitality Extracts has an arrow mini diffuser bracelet, and because it seemed fitting, that is what I chose for our senior. The neat thing about this bracelet is it comes in a variety of colors. We got her a stainless steel bracelet because it will go with just about anything! Even though it is a “mini” bracelet, it still works the same as the others, the lava beads are just a bit smaller.

And here comes the fun part! After school, a few days before the state tournament, my friend and I decided to be mad oil scientists! Unless you’ve done it, I cannot describe how fun it is to mix your own oil blends!

The purpose of this blend is to calm the mind and promote focus and clarity, all of which are essential to shoot well! While we use this specifically for archery, it can be used in other settings as well.

We put this blend into a 5 mL bottle. It was not completely full, but we figured that was fine. When you only use a drop or two at a time, oils last for a while!

My friend brought a dropper, so we didn’t have to just pour them out of the bottles and hope the drops were the same size and didn’t make a mess! That was very handy, and I would encourage you to try using a dropper when making blends, especially when putting them in another bottle.

Here are the oils we added:

7 drops patchouli

7 drops ylang-ylang

7 drops lavender

10 drops frankincense

25 drops bergamot

25 drops sweet orange

This blend has a citrusy smell, with a hint of flowery and earthy. If you prefer a less flowery scent, add less ylang-ylang. Also, ylang-ylang is the only oil in this blend that Plant Therapy does not label as KidSafe. My advice is to take that into consideration when making and using this blend.

If you are looking for a new blend of oils to try, give this calming focus blend a try! And if you enjoy archery, give this a try while you are shooting!

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