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Momma’s June Favorites

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Late spring has brought all kinds of weather, sooo many cicadas, and some redecorating and decluttering in our house!  Here are some fun things I’m loving right now!

ThinkBaby Sunscreen

I have mixed feelings about sunscreen. On one hand, I certainly want to protect Kiera from sunburn and future skin issues. On the other hand, I want her body to be able to soak up some rays and create precious vitamin D!  Generally, if we are only outside for a few minutes, I don’t put sunscreen on her. If we are going to be outside for a while, then I do. 

ThinkBaby sunscreen

I found this ThinkBaby sunscreen online when searching mineral based sunscreens for babies. I appreciate the ingredients, as there are cleaner than standard sunscreens. 

ThinkBaby sunscreen

Kiera has not gotten any sunburns this spring, thanks to this sunscreen! And we have been out in some strong sun slopping in water to cool off!

Selling Clothes Online

I started selling things from my closet that don’t fit or I won’t wear anymore since I’m a stay at home mom now. 

I just thought I would give it a try.  It didn’t cost anything upfront to list items on Mercari and Poshmark

Over a dozen sales later, I’m kind of hooked! I’m not an expert, by any means! I’ve read tips on a few blogs to try to get started. I’ve had more luck selling on Mercari than Poshmark. 

Maybe if I get the hang of selling, I’ll share some of the things I’ve learned.  But don’t expect that in the near future!

Hanging Laundry Outside to Dry

This may sound so strange to some.  But I grew up with my mom hanging laundry outside on nice days. And when I got married, I continued doing this. 

Hanging laundry out to dry

It takes more time than putting clothes in the dryer, and there is always the chance of bugs and bird poop. But I thoroughly enjoy the smell of freshly washed clothes after they’ve spent the day outside!

I also like the idea that I’m saving energy by not using the dryer quite as much in the summer. 

Kiera likes to help me hang up my laundry too. And by help, I mean dump all my clothespins out of the bucket. It keeps her content and she cleans them up when we are finished, so I’m not complaining!

Command Picture Hanging Hooks

I asked for Command hooks for Christmas to start on my collage wall beside our staircase. My husband gave me one pack (4 hooks).

I’ve wanted to do a collage of photos going up our staircase since we bought our house 7 years ago.  It wasn’t a priority, so I kept putting it off. I also knew my husband wouldn’t be super thrilled about putting a whole bunch of nails in the wall. 

Collage wall

If you are familiar with other Command hooks, these are very similar. There are foam sticky pieces that fasten the hooks to the wall. The hooks themselves have a larger plastic backing that gets stuck to the wall, and the hook portion is smaller than any others I’ve seen. They work with most standard picture frame hanging mechanisms. 

Command strips

Command hooks aren’t perfect. I’ve taken chunks of paint off walls when trying to remove them before. But I don’t really intend to move these hooks for a very long time. So they are perfect for what I need them for!

Now, I just need to order a few more so I can keep adding more photos!

What are some things that you’ve found yourself loving this month?

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