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Kiera’s May Favorites

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May has brought us some very nice weather, thank goodness!  Kiera loves to play outside, and I am so glad for that!

Step 2 Foldable Slide

Kiera discovered the fun of rushing down a plastic slide this month! She got a folding toddler slide for Christmas last year. It is the perfect size for her. The highest point is between 2 and 3 feet off the ground, which is tall enough to be exciting for a toddler, but not big enough to be too scary!

It’s still hard for her to climb up the steps and swing her legs around to sit on the top of the slide, but we keep practicing!

Step 2 slide

It did not take her long to figure out how to scootch to make herself go down the slide, however!

We have learned that sneakers stick to the slide and don’t make it easy to go down, while jelly sandals do not provide any unwanted friction.

Little Tikes Swing

These swings are everywhere! You know, the blue swing with the yellow straps and red plastic belt? Yes, I’m sure you’ve seen at least one!

Little tikes swing

Anyway, Kiera has one hanging from a tree in our backyard and she absolutely loves it! She can see the swing blowing around from her high chair, so she will point to it while eating. And that’s usually the first thing she makes a beeline to when we go outside.

We got the swing for her last summer, and she really enjoyed it then, too. She was much smaller, so she couldn’t swing as high. But this summer, the little daredevil has come to play, evidently!

Emptying the Dishwasher

Oh boy, do I hope this continues to be fun for Kiera! Each morning, I ask her to come help me empty the dishwasher, and she drops whatever she is doing and comes to my aid!

I have to move many of the dishes so Kiera can get to them. She isn’t tall enough to reach the top rack, so I even take the dishes off the top rack and put them on the bottom so she can take them out. I also move some of the utensils around so they are easier for her to pull out of the basket. 

Emptying the dishwasher

As Kiera pulls a dish out, she hands it to me and then promptly goes back for another. I just set the dishes on counters while she is unloading because I don’t have enough time to put anything away while she is handing me things!

In my eyes this activity is benefitting her developmentally, as it helps with problem solving. (Kiera needs to figure out which dish she can take out that doesn’t have anything blocking it.) It is also teaching her to help out with chores around the house. 

Little People Noah’s Ark

Kiera received a Fisher Price Little People Noah’s ark for Christmas. She was doing a lot of practicing standing at the time, and she liked to play with the animals on the coffee table. 

Recently, Kiera rediscovered these animals and they have become her pals!  They go with her everywhere!

Noah’s ark

The set comes with a plastic ark, Noah, and pairs of giraffes, elephants, lions, and zebras. 

Noah’s ark

Alas, we lost one of the elephants at a car show a few weekends ago. Kiera fell asleep in her stroller and must’ve let go of the elephant so that it fell onto the ground. We were pulling her through some of the rows to keep her out of the sun and I must not have seen it fall. Thankfully, the giraffe took a nap in the stroller with Kiera and we didn’t lose it!

Anne Geddes This Little Baby

The book This Little Baby by Anne Geddes was given to Kiera as a gift before she was born by a friend who lives just down the road from us. She wrote a sweet poem on the inside cover, which I appreciate. And there are pictures of babies throughout the book, and that’s what Kiera appreciates!

Anne Gedes This Little Baby

Any time Kiera is in her bedroom, that is the first book she goes for to sit and page through. 

When I started writing about Kiera’s favorite things, I was a little concerned that I wouldn’t have enough to write about each month. I underestimated the capability of a toddler to change their mind! My little girl never fails to give me something new to write about!

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