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My Favorite Workout Channels on YouTube

Lately, I’ve been doing a variety YouTube workouts each morning. There are more than a plethora of videos available so sorting through to find something you enjoy can be time-consuming and tedious.

Yoga mat

A while back, I wrote a post about finding workout videos on YouTube.

Since then, I have discovered some new channels and I wanted to share them with the rest of you!

Sarah Shepherd – There are two videos on her channel that I workout to quite frequently! She has 2 Piloxing videos available, which are probably two of my favorite workout videos period! I view these quite frequently. I absolutely love Piloxing! It is tough, but I feel amazing afterwards! It is a fun way to burn a bunch of calories quickly!

Jessie Stipe – She is the owner of Movements360 where she offers yoga and Zumba classes. She posts Zumba routines on her channel periodically, and they are so fun to dance to! I like to make playlists and string together about a dozen songs to make a good 45 minute workout.

Yoga mat and dumbbells

Billy Blanks TaeBo Fitness – TaeBo is a little like Piloxing, except it is more kickboxing and less Pilates. If you enjoy kicking and punching, you’ll enjoy TaeBo! On his channel, the famous Billy Blanks offers a variety of videos that are more recent than his tapes from 20 years ago.

Blogilates – Casey Ho is a PopPilates instructor and has so many various Pilates videos on her channel! I think my favorite part of her videos is that she does everything to music. Working out is easier for me if I can raise and lower my legs to a beat! She also has a bunch of playlists sorted out so that if you are specifically looking for an abs workout, you can click on that particular playlist and see all of your options with very little hassle. One downside is that there are not many longer (30 minutes or more) videos on her channel. What I sometimes do is make my own longer workout by choosing three 10-minute videos: one for arms, one for abs, and one for legs.

BodyFit by Amy – This channel is generally my go-to for strength training. She does some videos with weights that I find enjoyable. She even has a few playlists entitled “Baby Fit” for pregnant ladies to stay fit and have a healthy pregnancy.


Five Parks Yoga – I stumbled upon this channel when looking for a good power yoga class. A power class is definitely what the instructor presented! I have since done some of her other yoga videos, and I have enjoyed every one of them! (Even the deep stretching ones that I know I need but make me feel stiff as a board!)

Do you have any favorite YouTube fitness channels that you find yourself frequenting? I would love your suggestions!

If you are interested in working out with me, I post a picture of the workout I do each morning in my Instagram story as well as a link on Twitter! Workouts are more fun when more people get involved!

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