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Essential Oil Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray

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For some reason, it struck me that I very rarely clean my yoga mat.  And right about now, there are yogis everywhere cringing.  So, I decided to a little bit of research and find out the components of mat cleaning spray.

I knew from the beginning that essential oils were going to be the disinfecting agent.  Interestingly, the sprays I looked up online also used essential oils.

Many sprays contained lavender oil.  While lavender is relaxing, that is not what I wanted to be smelling on my mat while I was exercising.  I use my mat for much more than yoga.  And when I do yoga, it’s generally not stretchy, relaxing yoga.  So, I wanted an invigorating scent for my cleaner.

What’s more invigorating than citrus?  I currently have three citrus oils in my cabinet: lemon, sweet orange, and grapefruit.  Almost all of the other sprays I found contained tea tree oil, which makes perfect sense to me.  Tea tree oil is used in so many cleaners.  In fact, tea tree and cinnamon bark oil are two of the oils on Dr. Axe’s list of top four antibacterial essential oils.

The first time I mixed up this recipe, I added too much tea tree oil and the earthy smell overpowered all of the citrus.  So, I added a few more drops of the citrus oils to add a bit more balance.

This spray still has an earthy smell about it, with hints of citrus and cinnamon.  When I used it, it left my mat smelling and feeling clean.  I will tell you that the scent did not remain until the next day.  When I went to do Pilates the following day, it smelled like my trusty old yoga mat again.

I have used this spray several times, to make sure it did not do any harm to my mat.  I did not expect it to, but wanted to be certain before posting this.  I received a new, thicker yoga mat for my birthday from my husband, so I tested this spray on my old mat first.  After I realized it wasn’t going to harm it, I used it on my new mat as well, with the same results.

Whether you take very good care of the germs on your yoga mat (or any other exercise equipment for that matter) or are like me and just ignore them and forget they are there, this is a great yoga mat cleaning spray to keep on hand!

Today only (December 13, 2017) on Plant Therapy’s website, they are offering their set of lemon (included in this spray), peppermint, and lavender essential oils for $14.95!  Click here to order, and then use coupon code DAY20 at checkout.

I also have a few other ideas of oils to use for different moods, so check back later for new recipes!

Do you currently have a favorite yoga mat cleaning spray?  Do you mix your own?  Please feel free to comment, I’d love to hear about it!

1 oz. witch hazel

3 oz. distilled water

15 drops tea tree oil

8 drops sweet orange oil

8 drops grapefruit oil

8 drops lemon oil

1 drop cinnamon bark oil  

4 oz. glass spray bottle

Fill glass spray bottle about one fourth full with witch hazel.  Add drops of essential oils.  Fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water.  Shake well before each use.  Spray onto mat and wipe off with a dry cloth.

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