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Results from the County Fair!

Last evening, my husband and ventured to the local county fair in which I entered some of my canned goods and a small crocheted afghan. If you did not get a chance to read my previous post about the fair, you can find it here.

We decided to go to the fair for dinner, and then explore the exhibits and see what the vendors had to offer.  This is not a large fair, by any means.  It boasts the title “Biggest little fair in Pennsylvania.”  That is an accurate description!  There were some rides for the kids, a handful of food stands offering a variety of choices, and some local vendors selling goods.  Some food vendors even traveled up from Lancaster, PA!

There was a kid’s bale stacking competition going on as we walked through the fair.  A local boy was stacking bales as we stopped to watch for just a moment, and by his reaction, his time was not quite as fast as another child’s.

One of my favorite parts was the piglets!  They were fuzzy, and their tails were not curly like we so often envision.  In fact, a few of them were wagging their tales in delight as they rooted around in the hay!  They were absolutely adorable!

There were a variety of exhibits.  Outside, there were fruit, vegetable, and egg entries.  One of my former students entered one dozen eggs, and he won a prize!  Many local people picked fruits and vegetables from their gardens and entered them into the fair.  There were some beautiful examples of produce there!

Inside the lone building on the property were many of the 4-H entries.  There was photography, crocheted and knitted items, floral arrangements, and canned goods.  A man entered a beautiful wooden table, made from a slice of a tree.  It really was gorgeous (and probably very heavy)!

To conclude the fair, there was a nice fireworks display!  My husband and I were parked fairly close to the place where they were setting them off, so we had an excellent view!

And now, for the whole point of this post!  Last year, my canned goods did alright at the fair.  I won a few ribbons, but none were blue.  I was satisfied with my first attempt, but was hoping for bigger things this year.

Thankfully, this year, I returned home with 5 blue, first place ribbons, and 2 second place ribbons!  The only entry that did not win a prize was my spaghetti sauce.  And I think, in comparing it to the other jars of spaghetti sauce at the fair, it was too dark and thick.  We like thick sauce, and we cook it down for quite a long time!  The other jars were filled with bright red sauce.  That may not have been the case, but that is my speculation.

My pickled red beets and sauerkraut won second place in their categories.  There were several jars of beets entered, but only one jar of sauerkraut.  In the rules for entry, it clearly states that even if there is only one entry in a specific category, the judges will award the place that is deserved, and possibly not even award a place at all.

The zucchini relish, dill pickle relish, French onion soup, pizza sauce, and crocheted afghan all won blue ribbons!  Some were the only entries in their categories, and some had competition, but either way, I was excited to see these results!

I am going to be posting most of these recipes on this blog, and some of them, like pickled beets and dill pickle relish, are already up.

So, if you’ve never entered any canned goods in a fair, I encourage you to give it a try!  You may be pleasantly surprised by the outcome!

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