My new blogging assistant, Kiera
About, Mommy & Baby

My New Blogging Assistant

Nearly a year ago, a precious little baby girl changed my whole world when she made me a momma. Since she is nearly a toddler, I think she is old enough to become my new blogging assistant! I’ve been back and forth about whether to include my daughter in my blog. It really was a tough decision for me, considering…

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Home & Garden

Vegetable Garden 2020

My husband and I have had a garden every summer that we have lived at our house, with the exception of last year. We attempted planting tomatoes in buckets. Spoiler…it did not work.  The plan was to have a garden of raised beds last year already, but life got a little crazy and it didn’t happen. So this year my…

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Apple Cinnamon Overnight Oats

I’ve been hearing about this overnight oats “craze” for a while now. Different recipes all over Pinterest, people talking about how good oats are for you. Making up my mind to try this was difficult for me, because I love eggs for breakfast. Salty savory breakfasts are my thing! (Sprouted toast, goat cheese, and an over-hard egg is my go-to!)…

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Almond Milk

Homemade Almond Milk

Last summer, I gave up sweetened creamers for my coffee. I know, crazy, right?? (Disclaimer: this does not include the occasional Starbucks, Dunkin, or Sheetz coffee treat.). I knew I needed to lower the amount of sugar I consumed and this was a step in that direction. I also was trying to lower my dairy intake to reduce inflammation. Please…

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Home & Garden, Recipes

Home Canned Pumpkin

I love fall! I love the leaves changing, the cooler weather, and pumpkins! I love looking at pumpkin displays along the road and at the farmers market. Seeing the different ways they grow and the uniqueness of them all is so neat! I’m sitting here on a snowy day the week before Thanksgiving. While it is still indeed fall, it…

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Family Fun

Visiting the National Baseball Hall of Fame for Induction Weekend

This summer has been full of baseball opportunities for me! Ever since I’ve been a little girl, my summers were full of my brother’s baseball games. And I enjoyed every second of it. My favorite professional baseball team is the Atlanta Braves, and Chipper Jones, their switch-hitting third baseman, is my favorite ball player. As all players do, Jones retired…

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DIY Gifts to Sew for a Baby Boy

I’ve waited quite a while to write this post because I didn’t want to ruin any surprises for my sister-in-law! She and my brother are expecting their first baby in the fall, and we had a baby shower for her last weekend. They are expecting a little baby boy, and I’ve been searching Pinterest for goodies to sew. I found…

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