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Mother’s Day Gift Idea- Lava Bead Diffuser Earrings

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With Mother’s Day soon approaching, I thought it might be helpful to post some ideas for gifts! I know this gift may not apply to all moms, but with the growing popularity of essential oils, I think these may be a safe bet for a lot of you!

I purchased these Vitality Extracts lava bead diffuser earrings about two months ago, or so. I’ve worn them nearly every day, and I love them!

There are three different styles available from Vitality Extracts. I bought the lotus earrings because not only do I think they are adorable, but I also enjoy yoga, so it seemed appropriate.

I already owned a lava bead diffuser bracelet, which I received as a gift from a good friend, and I love that! So I thought these earrings would be a nice addition to my collection!

I already knew that these lava beads truly do work as tiny, wearable diffusers! So I had no hesitations about the materials. What I wasn’t sure about was the fact that they’d be on my ears and I wouldn’t be able to wave them around my nose and smell them like I could with the bracelet.

But here is my solution to this mini dilemma. Because I have multiple pieces of diffuser jewelry, I can wear a variety of essential oils at one time. So, essentially, I can make my own blends without mixing them!

I’ve placed a drop of two different oils on each earring several times! For example, if I’m feeling citrus-y one day, I’ll put a drop of grapefruit on one earring and a drop of sweet orange on the other!

I also find it helpful to put stronger oils on my earrings while dropping milder ones on my bracelet. By placing the stronger smelling oils, like rosemary or patchouli, on my earrings, it gives me a better chance of smelling them throughout the day without removing them from my ears.

Another benefit to diffuser jewelry is that people around me smell the oils as well! While some people are not fans of the way they smell, others are, and that is great! It’s almost like a perfume…some people like certain perfumes and others don’t.

If your mom doesn’t wear earrings, Vitality Extracts has some other jewelry as well, including cute bracelets!

Pair these diffuser earrings with some relaxing essential oils, like lavender or marjoram, and you will have a thoughtful, useful gift for mom!

If you would like to know more about these earrings or see how to use them, you can check out this video.

I have a few more Mother’s Day ideas coming a little later this week, so be sure to check those out as well!

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