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Momma’s May Favorites

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I’ve begun writing about Kiera’s favorite things and activities each month, and I decided to do the same for me!  Each month, I’ll share a handful of things that I find really intriguing as well!  It could be anything…you never know what I’ll come up with! (It will probably be a lot of things for Kiera, in reality!)

Glycerin Hand Therapy Lotion

A friend of mine has visited South Carolina a handful of times over the past few years, and she brought me back some glycerin hand therapy lotion from the Charleston Tea Plantation for Christmas. 

Momma’s May favorites

My hands get so dry and cracked in winter. And the past two winters have been worse, since I’m changing diapers what seems like every 15 minutes and washing my hands after!  Finding a lotion that helps even a little bit is a challenge. This lotion has been beneficial. 

I will be honest, it isn’t perfect. But it’s the best I’ve found for me so far. 

If you are interested in trying this lotion, it is available for purchase online here. (This isn’t sponsored.). I would encourage you to look at the ingredients first.  If you are particular about what is in your skincare products, read through the list to be sure you are comfortable with the ingredients.

Momma’s May favorites

I’ve tried the original and mango. The mango lotion is a little thicker and creamier, but they both help my hands!

Grosgrain Hair Bows

Kiera was born with lots of hair. It was crazy and stuck straight up for quite a while, but now it is calmed down a little and getting so long! It is constantly in her eyes, and I had to do something. I found these little alligator clip bows on Amazon. They are great!

Momma’s May favorites

One of the first things people say to Kiera when they see her is “Look at your pretty bow!” And then they look at me and say “My daughter/granddaughter would never keep a bow in like that!” I am pretty fortunate. Kiera is very good about leaving her bows in her hair. Except when she is eating. She can’t have a bow in her hair while she is eating. 

These bows stay in Kiera’s hair really well. There is a velvet nonslip piece attached to the bottom of the clip which works really well to keep the clips in place. Many reviews say they stay in fine hair, although I cannot attest to that because Kiera has a lot of hair!

Diamond Painting

My aunt invited my mom and me to a ladies’ luncheon at her church, and we made a keychain using diamond dots. It was funny because everyone was joking about needing reading glasses and magnifiers and head lamps!

Momma’s May favorites
Momma’s May favorites

Turns out, it is a very fun project!  I came home and ordered a larger diamond painting from Amazon to hang in Kiera’s room, to see if it was still enjoyable. It was, in fact! I am currently working on a rustic cross with flowers and butterflies. 

Momma’s May favorites

The kits come with the canvas, diamond dots, dot tray, wax, and tool to place the dots. There really isn’t a need to purchase extra supplies. 

Momma’s May favorites

I’ve learned to save all left over dots in small zipper bags, just in case I run out of a color in a current project. The dots each have a universal number, so I label the bag with that number and hang on to them, just in case!

Munchkin Flip and Go Tritan Straw Cup

Kiera looks so cute drinking from her straw cups! I tried regular sippy cups with her for a little while, but no matter how much they claim to be “no spill,” they always made a mess. And while these straw cups still spill sometimes too, it is not nearly as easy to do as with a conventional sippy cup!

Momma’s May favorites

These straw sippy cups were also easier for Kiera to figure out how to use, for whatever reason.

Kiera likes to swing these cups around by the straw, and they’ve been dropped on the floor from a high chair multiple times, and they’ve handled it all quite sturdily! 

Momma’s May favorites

The funniest thing Kiera started doing recently is letting out a big “Ahhhh” after she takes a sip, as if the water was incredibly refreshing. She loves to make people laugh, and that’s one of her ways to be a comedian!

New Plants

I wrote a post a while back about houseplants for people who don’t have a green thumb. (Green thumbs skip a generation, for sure!  My great grandmother and my mom both do great with houseplants!  My grandma and I, on the other hand, are not the finest.)

I have been able to keep a bunch of very hardy plants alive for more almost a year now. And once in a while, I’ll find one I like at a greenhouse, bring it home, and introduce it to the others!  

Momma’s May favorites

I’ve been working on getting more vining plants lately, because my husband agreed to build me a small plant shelf high on a living room wall. So ivy is my latest addition!

There you have it! Some of the things I am enjoying during this beautiful May! Feel free to share some things you are enjoying right now too!

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