Mocha Chocolate Chip Cookies

I posted this recipe on my first blog site, but when I transferred my posts over to this website, this recipe did not come along.  But it is too good to pass up, so I thought I would write a second post about it!

I love the combination of coffee and chocolate.  Mocha drinks are delicious, and so are cookies, so…why not combine them?

These cookies begin by being rolled into balls, and they hold their shape pretty well while they are baking.  (That’s the kind of cookies I like: thick and a little dense and fudgy.)

I must confess…when I made these cookies two days ago, I read the recipe wrong and added ¾ cup too much cocoa powder!  Can we say “whoops”!!!

This recipe begins by whisking the dry ingredients together in a bowl.

Then, the sugars are combined with melted butter.  Two Tablespoons of instant coffee gets dissolved in one Tbsp. of hot water, which is then added to the butter and sugar, along with vanilla and egg.

Slowly add the dry ingredients, one third at a time, to the mixing bowl and combine everything.  The dough should form a ball (or at least a few large clumps) in the mixing bowl.  Stir in the chocolate chips.

Instead of just scooping the dough onto cookie sheets, roll them into 1 inch balls.  This dough is not sticky at all, and it should roll rather nicely.

I like to use silicone baking mats like these on my cookie sheets.  They make it so simple to remove the cookies from the sheet tray.

These are some of my favorite cookies to bake!  There is a clear chocolate taste, with a hint of coffee.  To me, the coffee taste is not overpowering, but other people eating the cookies have told me that they can definitely taste the coffee.

If you have a little bit of spare time today and are looking for a bit of a different kind of Christmas cookie, give these a try!

What are some of your favorite Christmas cookies to bake?

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