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My Experience With Lava Bead Diffuser Bracelets

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For my birthday, a dear friend gave me a lava bead diffuser bracelet from Vitality Extracts. She had to explain it to me because I had never seen anything like that before! This bracelet had 7 colorful beads on it, along with the lava beads. My friend explained to me that they are Chakra beads. While I do not know much about the Chakras, I do know that my friend and I enjoy yoga and she thought the connection was neat!

I was so excited to try this new bracelet, but I was a skeptical about how it would work. My friend bought a few bracelets for her and some family members, and she had not tried them out yet.

The idea is to place one or two drops of an essential oil on the porous lava beads, which absorb the oils and then diffuse them as you move throughout the day.

Freshly placed oils can be seen as the shine on one of the lava beads.

I first used Plant Therapy’s Relax synergy. I placed two drops on the lava beads, spaced evenly, then quickly learned that it takes several minutes for the oils to absorb. It is not immediate. I usually hang it on a cabinet handle for at least 10 minutes to allow the oils to soak in.

After 5 minutes of absorbing, the oils are still shiny and visible on the beads.
The oils after 13 minutes. Still a little shiny, but able to be worn.

I was looking through the product information on the Vitality Extracts website, and I saw that the scent of the oils is supposed to last for at least a day. I will be totally honest…I was intrigued and excited to test it out, but still skeptical.

Throughout the day, I would sniff my bracelet to see if it was still holding its scent. It was! The smell of the oils really did last all day. It faded as the hours passed, but there was no question the scent was still there by the end of the day!

I think this may depend on the strength of the oils. Some have a very strong aroma, while others are a little more mild. My friend had a balancing blend, and it did not matter how many drops she put on her bracelet, it was so subtle she could barely smell it! I tried Germ Fighter synergy, and that scent lasted for at least 2 days!

Plant Therapy has a line of Chakra synergies, and I thought it fitting to use a Chakra blend on a Chakra bracelet! I put two drops of Joyful Creation on my bracelet nearly everyday. Once in a while, I will put Germ Fighter on my bracelet. On days when we have an archery tournament or scrimmage, I put two drops Relax, 1 drop frankincense, and 1 drop of patchouli essential oil to promote calm and focus.

Please understand that essential oils are not a miracle cure that all of a sudden put me in a fantastic mood. I do believe that they help, but for me, it is not an immediate, drastic change.

I wear this bracelet everyday, as long as I don’t forget to put it on! The scent of the essential oils lasts all day, and it is so pretty! I like being able to give my bracelet a quick sniff throughout the day to enjoy the lovely aroma of oils!

The bottom line for me is this lava bead jewelry lives up to its description. The lava beads really do absorb the oils, and the scent really does last all day! The prices are reasonable, as this bracelet costs $8.00 and Vitality Extracts offers free shipping on orders over $50. Various sales seem to pop up frequently as well.

Vitality Extracts offers a variety of different diffuser bracelets, as well as a few necklaces and earrings. I haven’t tried any of them yet, but eventually I’d like to. I’ve given one bracelet as a gift, and I have my eye on some different bracelets for gifts for a few others.

Do you own any lava bead diffuser jewelry? What are your thoughts about it? Do you have any suggestions for blends to try on these bracelets? I would love to hear your input!

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