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Kiera’s April Favorites

Kiera’s favorite things

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I’m going to try something new!  I’ve been wanting to share some of Kiera’s favorite things, but needed to find a good way to do it. So each month, I’m going to share a handful of things or activities that Kiera is loving!

Earlier this month, Kiera learned how to walk! Milestones are always so exciting, but this has been one of my favorites! Along with this new mobility has come some new favorite things.

Easter Eggs

Kiera got to go to her very first Easter egg hunts this year!  Beforehand, I dug out some old plastic eggs from my teaching stash so we could go out into the yard and practice. That’s right, we practiced hunting eggs at home so she would get the idea.

Kiera’s favorite things

After Easter was over, she still likes to carry around the plastic eggs!  She likes to squeeze them and pop them open. She also likes to place them in random boxes and containers around the house!  

She was given wooden eggs that rattle for Easter. She likes to toddle around and shake these eggs as she goes.  Then she needs to take a little dance break to groove to the beat of her rattling!

Kiera’s favorite things

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

In the recent past, Kiera has started picking her own nap time book from the bookshelf her great great uncle made for her. Nearly every time, she chooses The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle. Her favorite page is when the caterpillar eats a whole bunch of different foods on Saturday and gets a stomachache. I need to read fast because she flips pages quickly to get to her favorite page!

Kieras favorite things
Kiera’s favorite things

Whole Wheat Pancakes

I can’t really pinpoint one favorite food for Kiera, but her favorite breakfast food right now is whole wheat pancakes. I found a recipe on Pinterest from Barefeet in the Kitchen. I changed it slightly by switching 1/4 cup of the flour to whole wheat baby cereal. 

Kiera’s favorite things

I place the pancakes on a single layer on a baking sheet to freeze them. Once they’re frozen, I store them in a freezer bag and get one out as needed.  To warm them up, I just microwave one for about 30 seconds, flipping it over after 15 seconds. 

Melissa & Doug Purse

Kiera’s aunt and uncle gave her a Melissa & Doug Spill and Fill purse for Christmas. It’s super cute!  It’s a clear, flexible plastic purse filled with a stuffed cell phone, keys, make-up mirror, and a change purse filled with soft coins. 

Kiera’s favorite things

We take this purse to church every week, and she loves to play with it!  The soft coins are probably her favorite part. She takes them out, puts them in my mom’s Bible bag, throws them on the floor, and usually they end up 3 pews away. But she is content!

Redecorating the House

Kiera gets the Highlights Hello magazine every month. She loves them!  She sits in her car seat and pages through her magazine like a big girl.  It’s so sweet. (They are nearly indestructible, so she chews on them as well.)  But I digress. Some months, a little parent guide comes along with the toddler book. In April’s issue, it encouraged parents to give toddlers items and containers and let the toddlers transfer the object from container to container. 

Kiera does that on her own, on a much larger scale. She moves things all over the house!  She will move a wooden carrot from the living room to a kitchen drawer. Or a Little People animal from the sunroom to a laundry basket. I never know what I’m going to find, so she keeps things interesting!

Kiera’s favorite things

What new adventures and favorites will next month hold for Kiera? I am excited to find out and share them with you!

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