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Homemade Fresh Salsa

I am so excited to be moved into my own website! Trying to get everything set up was an experience, to say the least! There are still a few things I need to adjust to my liking, and I am learning as I go, so thank you for sticking with me!

So anyway, we had a picnic a few days ago. Every summer, close friends of ours have a party at their home. They provide all kinds of good food (including wings and shrimp, which are my favorites!) and everyone who attends brings something to contribute. In fact, this picnic was the inspiration for my post about my seven favorite picnic foods. There is a video on my YouTube channel showing all of the food as well.

I was racking my brain trying to figure out what I wanted to make for the picnic. I was scoping out Pinterest, and finally, it hit me. Fresh salsa!

I love chopping vegetables, and Friday is our weekly trip to the farmers’ market, so I thought this was the perfect choice.

I am going to show you my recipe, but please bear in mind that you can make your own any way you would like!

At the farmers market, I gathered ingredients from various stands. I got the hot peppers from our garden.

I purchased 4 tomatoes, 2 red onions, a green bell pepper, a red bell pepper, a lime, and a garlic bulb.

When I got home from helping with party setup, I began chopping veggies.

I started with the tomatoes. I tried to get all the seeds and slimy goo out of the middle and only chop up the solid flesh and skin. I kept the pieces small, but large enough to be identified as tomatoes. I chopped up all four tomatoes and placed them into a glass bowl.

I went on to chop up the red bell pepper and then the green bell pepper.

Next, I chopped up the two red onions. Only one half of one of the onions made my eyes water!

I picked two jalapeños and one hot banana pepper from our garden. My husband was kind enough to chop up the hot peppers for me, so that I did not get the oil on my hands or need to wear latex gloves.

While my husband was chopping the peppers, I worked on the garlic. I chopped up three cloves. I will say, that was a lot of garlic! If I make it again, I think I may stop at one clove. My whole fridge smelled like garlic from the salsa!

Once all of the ingredients were in the bowl, I sprinkled on some salt.

Then, I stirred up the salsa. After it was combined pretty well, I squeezed the juice from one lime and one half of a lemon over the top and mixed it in.

I finished mixing it up, covered it in plastic wrap, and put it in the fridge. I read that the longer it sits, the more the flavors from each ingredient blend together.

We took the salsa to the picnic, and there were many people who enjoyed it! We had some left over to bring home with us, which made my husband very happy!

Not only is this fresh salsa good to scoop on tortilla chips, it can be used to cook with. My husband put some in his scrambled eggs for breakfast. It would also be good on top of a chicken breast, tacos, or in a quesadilla. Or, you can be creative and find your own ways to incorporate it into meals!

So go ahead and give it a try! It is quite simple to make, and has a variety of uses! And if you do try it, please feel free to comment and tell me about it or post a picture on Instagram (@herruralhighness)!  Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “Homemade Fresh Salsa

  1. Sounds delicious! A helpful hint when I make mine or my guacamole I specifically use kosher salt. You have made me hungry for salsa!

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