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How To Brew Fruit Infused Sun Tea

One of my favorite summer drinks is sun tea! We don’t have it every day, but once in a while, I’ll brew some in a mason jar on the sidewalk.

The weather has been warming up, so I’ve been getting the itch to do summer things. I recently thought of this self-proclaimed genius idea: fruit infused sun tea!

A while back, I watched another blogger, Michele from Midlife Healthy Living, talk live on Facebook about fruit-infused water. Fruity tea drinks are popular at restaurants this time of year as well. So why not combine the two??

I thought about keeping the fruit in the jar while the tea was brewing, but decided that may just be an added chance of harmful bacteria growing.

The first day I attempted this, I technically made cloud tea (the sun wasn’t out, but I still had to make the tea). It may not have been ideal, but it worked! If you’d like some instructions on making sun tea, you can check out this post.

If brewing tea outside worries you a bit, I tried cold-brewing tea in the refrigerator. I just put distilled water and 10 tea bags in a quart jar and let it sit in the fridge for about 3 hours or so.

Once I brought the tea inside, I added 1/3 cup sugar and stirred it in until it was dissolved.

Here are some words of advice…if you don’t know how to cut up a mango, Google it! I mangled my mango pretty badly! But, I figured it was just getting thrown into a jar of tea, so it wasn’t a huge deal!

Then, I chopped up the fruit I had available and added it to the jar of tea. I did not measure, to be quite honest. I just added fruit until the tea rose to fill the jar.

The first fruits I attempted were strawberries and mangos. The second round, I tried raspberries.

I think the jars look so pretty with the fruit in them!

I let the fruit soak in the tea for 24 hours. Once the allotted time was up, I carefully removed the fruit. I did not eat it, because it was a little mushy and was soggy with tea, but you can try it if you’d like!

Once the tea was ready, naturally I had to try it! I like to enjoy my tea over ice. I think it adds to the summer vibes.

They all turned out delicious! The fruit taste was very evident in the berry teas, and. A little more subtle with the mango. They were very aromatic as well.

My husband’s favorites, in order, were raspberry, mango, and then strawberry. I liked the strawberry tea the best!

I have so many more ideas for fruity tea! My plans include trying kiwi, mixed berry, and peach at the very least! I would also like to try this using frozen fruit. I’ve got all summer to give these ideas a shot!

If you are having or attending a Memorial Day picnic tomorrow, this is a delicious, simple recipe to take with you!

Do you have any ideas for fruit tea combinations? I would love to hear about them!

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