DIY Gifts to Sew for a Baby Boy

I’ve waited quite a while to write this post because I didn’t want to ruin any surprises for my sister-in-law! She and my brother are expecting their first baby in the fall, and we had a baby shower for her last weekend.

They are expecting a little baby boy, and I’ve been searching Pinterest for goodies to sew. I found some super cute things, and I’m going to share where I found them with you!

As always, if you look too closely at my sewing projects, you are bound to find oodles or flaws. Enjoy from afar, my friends! Everything is functional, and it’s got distance going for it!

The first thing I sewed was a super soft flannel blanket. I actually found the material at Walmart for $3.97 per yard. My sister-in-law seemed to have a lot of animal things on her registry, so I thought the giraffes would play nicely into her theme. The gray polka dot backing matched nicely with the giraffes without being too busy.

Rag edge blanket

The pattern I found is a rag edge baby blanket from PA Country Crafts. Honestly, I went directly to this blog because she has so many sewing tutorials and her finished products are amazing!

Rag edge blanket

Rag edge blanket

This pattern was relatively easy to sew and the blanket is adorable and so soft and snuggly!

I also sewed bibs that are made from my husband’s old dress shirts. These have got to be the most adorable bibs ever! They even have a little bow tie at the neckline!

Bow tie bib

My brother tends to wear bow ties over regular ties, so this pattern was too good to pass up! This was a little more difficult to sew than the blanket, but I’ll never get better if I don’t push myself!

The original pattern uses press-on snaps for the bibs. I tried to use them, but the fabric and towel were too thick to get them to work correctly. I just used sew-on snaps.

Bow tie bib

Also, I recommend making certain that the buttons are sewed on really well. And when sewing the bow ties onto the bib, the material gets pretty thick, so either use a heavier needle or be very careful!

Lastly, I sewed some ties onto onesies. I used leftover fabric from the flannel blanket, as well as my husband’s shirts.

Bow tie onesie

This was a little tricky, because the onesies were more stretchy than the other materials I used prior. I also had to sew inside the onesie, which wasn’t terribly difficult, just slightly challenging. The tutorials I read all used something to bond the tie to the onesie before stitching it on. In hindsight, that probably would’ve been super helpful!

I made my own patterns for the bow tie and neck tie. I was using 3-9 month onesies, and I just took a few measurements and worked it out. If that is not your cup of tea, there are patterns already available on the internet, although it is actually surprisingly difficult to find something exactly like what I wanted. Hence, I created my own.

Bow tie onesie

My sister-in-law had a lovely shower with lots of delicious food and tasty cupcakes. And she received so many nice, useful gifts!

I am so excited to have a nephew! I am certainly looking forward to meeting the little peanut in a few weeks!

If you are looking for adorable baby boy gifts to sew, check out the links below. Something may tickle your fancy!

Rag Edge Baby Blanket

Bow Tie Drool Bib

Necktie Onesies

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