The 7 Crockpot Meals That Helped Me Survive Archery Season

In the winter, one would think schedules slow down, at least a little bit. Well…not when you are an archery family! The winter brings indoor leagues and NASP tournaments! So throughout the week, my husband and I are usually running in two different directions and supper is a trick!

Insert thankfulness for the invention of a crockpot here.

My husband generally has to leave for archery league right after I get home from archery practice. I coach the National Archery in the Schools Program team at our school. The poor guy would totally go without eating and not blink an eye. However that does not sit well with me, because I know that is not healthy!

So the evenings before practice days, I spend a little extra time chopping ingredients and mixing sauces so I can just dump everything in the crockpot Tuesday morning, give any instructions to finish the dish to my husband, and not have to worry about anything!

Here is a list of recipes that I’ve tried and liked:

Mississippi Pot Roast

We first tried this at a friend’s house when we were visiting. Oh my goodness. My husband asks for this ALL THE TIME now! Of course, we use venison roasts instead of beef (because, well, we use venison for everything).

Mississippi pot roast

I’ve tried this pot roast over both rice and mashed potatoes, and even though I rarely eat mashed potatoes, they definitely tasted better!

Ham & Bean Soup

This recipe is a pretty standard soup. Chop some veggies and ham, and dump it all in a crockpot with some broth and a can of beans, and let it do its thing!

Broccoli Cauliflower Cheese Soup

I do not make creamy soups often, because of the dairy involved. (I still eat dairy, I just try to limit it.) But a good broccoli cheese soup is worth it! I love cauliflower, and the added vegetables in this soup makes it more appealing to me.

Broccoli cauliflower soup

The only problem I had with this soup was that it got chunky, not smooth and creamy. I don’t know if it was from the cauliflower being chunky, or if the yogurt or milk curdled a little, or the cheese didn’t melt right. It tasted good, the texture was just a little off.

Taco Soup

This soup is delicious! The only issue I have with it is the sodium from all the canned ingredients. But, once in a while isn’t going to hurt, right?

Taco soup

I also took this recipe and made chicken taco soup. I just substituted the ground beef (again, venison in our case) with chicken thighs.

Teriyaki Chicken Bowls

I tried this recipe twice. The first time, it was just missing something. So the second time I made it, I added some apple cider vinegar. That was exactly what it needed!

I made rice and steamed broccoli and carrots to go along with the chicken.

Buffalo Chicken Soup

Buffalo chicken soup

It was difficult to find a version of this soup that wasn’t entirely cream-based. (This soup calls for cheddar cheese but I just left that out.) The sauce to this soup tasted very good, I just made the mistake of watering it down too much in the crockpot so that it got runny instead of thick and hearty. Still tasted good, but again with the texture!

Honey Mustard Chicken

The thing that is fun about this recipe is that I just layer the ingredients in a pint mason jar, using the measurement marking on the jar rather than measuring cups. If it saves me dishes, I’m all for it!

I made one adjustment, and that was adding 1/2 cup Dijon mustard and 1/4 cup honey, rather than the other way around.

After the chicken is cooked, I make rice and stir fry veggies on the stove and serve it altogether in bowls.

I know lives are busy. I know families run in tons of different directions at once. I am hopeful that some of these recipes will help make dinner time a little simpler! Mess around with them a little like I did and make them your own if you’d like!

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2 thoughts on “The 7 Crockpot Meals That Helped Me Survive Archery Season

  1. I love crock pot recipes! I made a lot of taco soup in my Instant Pot this winter. I used frozen corn, canned tomatoes from our garden, and mixed Mrs. Miller’s chicken soup base with water to substitute for the broth. I want to start cooking my own dry beans, too.

    I am checking out some of those other recipes now! Thanks!

    1. I have never used an Instant Pot, although they seem very popular and handy!
      I hope you find some other recipes that you enjoy as well!

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