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I’ve been sharing information about the cash back apps I use through a series of blog posts. Receipt Hog is probably the most interesting receipt scanning app I utilize. It can be a little complicated at first, though. It took me some time to figure out what was what, so I’m here to try to save you time!

Receipt hog

Getting Started

When I first signed up for Receipt Hog, it actually told me I had to be chosen to be eligible to use the app. I don’t know how picky the owners really are, but evidently I met their standards. 

To sign up, you must give your date of birth, country of residence, gender, and email. Pretty basic, really. Then you create a password, and voila!

Scanning Receipts

To scan a receipt, there is a blue camera button at the bottom right of the home screen. Simply click on that and take a photo of your receipt! If it is a very long receipt, you can take multiple photos.

Each time you scan a receipt, the app will ask you how many adults and children were with on your shopping trip and to rate your experience there using stars.

Instead of just awarding points or money, Receipt Hog offers entries into a monthly sweepstakes, spins in a slot game, or coins.

Receipt hog

Different types of receipts earn different rewards.  Some don’t even earn any rewards I’ve learned. For instance, most non-clothing stores (supermarkets, health/beauty stores, etc.) earn coins based upon the amount of money you spend there. Clothing, crafts, and home improvement stores earn slot spins. 

If a receipt doesn’t fall into any of those categories, most of the time you still get an entry into the monthly sweepstakes. I looked back through my receipt history, and restaurants seem to be tricky. My mom and I have a Dunkin tradition, and some of my receipts earned slot spins and others only earned sweepstakes entries. 

There is a weekly limit on the amount of receipts that can be scanned. Up to 20 receipts in each reward category can be uploaded. There is also a cap of 100 coins per week earned from receipts. 

Receipt hog

I’ve also had a few receipts labeled “unreadable image” and not earn anything. Most were gas receipts or little mom and pop shops whose receipt printer wasn’t the best. 

Hog Slots

Yes, you read that correctly. It literally looks like a slot machine that you pull the lever and can get various rewards. Most are coins, but there are a few combinations that could win cash or a vacation! (I’ve not hit any of those yet.)

Receipt hog slots

The downside to the slots, even though they are fun, is that there is a possibility of getting no reward out of it. 

Monthly Sweepstakes 

Similar to the Hog Slots, I’ve not won anything through the sweepstakes either. I generally end up with somewhere between 15-20 entries each month. And I don’t consider myself to be a lucky individual, really, so I’ve got that working against me!

Receipt hog sweepstakes

There are over 5500 coin prizes given out each month, so the odds of winning aren’t outrageous, actually. 

Hog Levels

On top of receipt rewards, there are Hog Levels that you can achieve through uploading receipts as well. As long as you upload one receipt per week, you will continue to climb through levels. Each level offers a weekly bonus, whether it be slot spins or coins. 

Receipt hog levels

I am currently on level 8, so I get 8 extra spins each week. Earning bonus coins begins at level 12, and becomes more lucrative the longer you use the app.


Receipt Hog occasionally offers surveys about various products from uploaded receipts. All the surveys I’ve taken have been worth 40 coins. 

Receipt hog

You do need to qualify for the survey they offer to you though. I’ve only had one survey that I didn’t get to take because it was about Pepsi and it asked who consumed the drink. I did not, (it was my husband) so I did not qualify for the survey. 

Linked Accounts

Receipt Hog offers account linking for certain stores to help earn extra coins and sweepstakes entries. 

Unlike Fetch and Ibotta, this app does not recognize each time you purchase something through your email or Amazon. They offer a one time sum of coins and extra sweepstakes entries each month to keep your accounts connected. 

I have my Amazon account connected, but I didn’t feel comfortable connecting my email.  I had to change some security settings in my email account, and that just didn’t seem wise to me. Maybe it is perfectly safe. But I chose not to take that chance. 

Turning Coins Into Cash

This is the important part! Receipt Hog offers Amazon gift cards, Visa cards, and PayPal transfers as rewards. The more coins you save, the more they are worth. For example, 1000 coins is equal to $5 in PayPal. But, if you save 6500 coins, the reward is $40!  

Receipt hog

All in all, this app is laid out well. Even though there are several facets to earning cash back through Receipt Hog, it is pretty straight forward to navigate. If you want to give Receipt Hog a try, use code “wam78094” when you sign up to get 5 extra Hog Slot spins (and I will get some extra spins as well).

If you are interested in trying some other cash back apps, check out my posts about Ibotta and Fetch Rewards!

If you use any cash back apps currently, feel free to share so we can check them out!

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