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Christmas Gift Ideas for Coworkers

It’s December!  I hung up the Christmas lights in my classroom last Tuesday, but I made my class wait until today to turn them on!  Since I love Christmas lights, I think it actually may have been more difficult for me to wait than for my students! I am excited to start thinking about Christmas.  I love picking out our…

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Essential Oil Facial Toner

Previously, I wrote a post about homemade facial cleanser using essential oils.  To accompany that, I created a facial toner recipe for oily skin. I had purchased some essential oil toner from a company, and I really liked using it!  But when I ran out, I decided to look at the ingredients, and figure out my own (much like I…

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Cold Brew Coffee

I have been noticing a cold brewed coffee trend at various coffee places, such as Dunkin’ Donuts, Starbucks, and even Sheetz. As I watch the commercials and read the signs, I question what this craze is all about. So, in order to find out, I did a little research on Pinterest. I love Pinterest; everything you could ever want to…

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