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Homemade Whipped Cream

Yesterday, I made a strawberry pie to take to a family picnic. What is strawberry pie without whipped cream?!


Last weekend, for the first time, I made my own whipped cream. I was so excited! (My husband was pretty impressed, too!) It has always been something I found slightly intimidating. The idea of having to whip something for an exact amount of time or else it is ruined made me a little nervous!


My mother-in-law bought me a Kitchen Aid mixer for my bridal shower. I remember looking through all of the colors, and finding one called “espresso” that I thought was really sharp looking. There are many popular colors in Kitchen Aid mixers, but this deep brown was not one that I had seen often. She had a little trouble finding it, but I am so thankful she did because it is amazing!


I discovered that even though it is very particular, whipped cream is nothing to be afraid of! I read a recipe on Pinterest to give myself a basis of measurements, but I pretty much made the rest up as I went.

I began by pouring one cup of heavy whipping cream into the mixing bowl.


I added a splash of vanilla extract. It probably came out to be about one teaspoon. This is not just any old vanilla. My parents make their own homemade vanilla, so I know it is actually pure vanilla extract.


I then added ¼ cup of powdered sugar.


I turned the mixer on low for a few seconds, just until the sugar and vanilla were totally mixed into the cream. Then, I turned it all the way up to high! I did not time it, (I realize now that I probably should have) but I let the mixer run until the cream had some substance to it. It started to expand, and when it started to actually look like it had the texture of Cool-Whip, I turned the mixer off.


I removed the whisk attachment, and swirled it around in the whipped cream and then held it up, just to see if it kind of stuck to the whisk. Thankfully, it did! I tasted it, (naturally!) and it tasted amazing! The texture was great, and it had just the right amount of sweetness. Of course, if you prefer a sweeter whipped cream, you could add a little extra sugar, and if you want less sweetness, do not add as much sugar. This recipe is very flexible!


I scooped the whipped cream out of the bowl and into a Pyrex container for easy transport. This recipe made about two cups of whipped cream.


Our family got to enjoy the strawberry pie with whipped cream this afternoon at our picnic! It made a great, refreshing desert!

I know there are recipes for various flavors of whipped cream. Have you ever tried any of these? Do you have any special tips for getting perfect whipped cream every time? I am new to whipped cream making, so I would love to learn more!

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